Customer Feedback

Feedback from our Customers

At New-U we love to receive feedback from our customers, work placements and volunteers. 

I love New-U as it not only encourages recycling, but l have found some fantastic clothes and shoes that you can't get on the High street. People often comment "ooh, where did you get that?"
“This shop makes me feel so much better. I have health issues and not much money to spend on clothes and coming in here cheers me up. My husband came in yesterday, swapped some clothes and left with 4 lovely shirts. My daughter loves it here too.”
"With fast fashion being so bad for the planet, swapping clothes is a really eco-friendly way to get new-to-you outfits, plus it means you can turn your old clothes into a new outfit for your partner if they need bits too. Really friendly staff, clean and easy to browse without getting frustrated, such a great idea!"
"After losing quite a bit of weight I was left with quite a few too large pieces of clothing in good condition and requiring a whole new wardrobe a few times over. The idea of donating to a worthy charity but also to be able to receive points towards my new wardrobe felt like a good deal to me. I’ve had many stunning new items added to my wardrobe from both the shop and the monthly jumble sales. Every time I go in there’s lots of new fresh options on the rails sometimes in my size, other times my daughters and even husband benefit from my points."
“I find you a really useful resource. I gained a lot of weight recently and am much healthier, but don’t fit into most of my old clothes. It would cost so much to replace all that, all my casual clothes, work clothes, party outfits. Being able to change my wardrobe affordably is helping me feel more confident in change and working on my eating disorder. And it means all my old clothes don’t just get chucked in the bin, I still get value from them and someone else can enjoy them.”
“It’s great because you can trade in a few clothes that you were kind of ‘meh’ about, or things you don’t wear as much as you thought you would when you bought them, and for those few clothes you didn’t care about you can get something really special, like, genuinely super.”