Great Yarmouth pop up event

Date: Saturday 15th April 2023
Time: 11.30-3pm
Location: St George’s Theatre Cafe, King St, Gt Yarmouth
At this event, womens, mens and childrens clothing can be swapped entirely with your swap points meaning there is no 25% charge at the till.  
Drop off your clothing donations (10 items per person up to 20 for baby/children’s) between 11am-2pm on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th April at D.I.A.L’s offices.  Swap points for your items will be issued to you on the event day – April 15th, 11.30-3pm.   You can use existing points if you do not have items to swap.  No points, no problem, you can purchase items on the day without swapping with cash/card.
See you there!